Namotel Mobile Online Booking @ 99 Registration Open

Namotel Mobile Online Booking @ 99 Registration Open – NamoTel, the Acche din devices launched Namotel has taken the country up by storms. Okay, so what’s the standard price you pay for a good cell?

Okay, turn that off, just let me know what’s the price of your current cell phone? I bet it’s somewhere around 10-30,000 INR, right? And what for? Just because it’s from a real “brand” or maybe that it has a good camera, processors or something else.

Namotel Mobile Online Booking

What Namotel is doing is that it’s letting you have all of those features on it’s Namotel device for unbelievable prices of below 500RS!

Now with that kind of money, the first thing that hits your minds is that the cellphone won’t be worth it! Yeah, I know, and it’s natural. For 500 you don’t even get a good chicken piece at KFC, so how come a cell phone? That too a worth having one?

Namotel Mobile Online Booking @ 99 Registration Open

If you remember correctly, I’m pretty sure the memory of the Freedom 251cell phones is still fresh in your minds. The cell phone that was priced at just Rs 251! Now that created hell lot’s of buzz, and the country had some rays of hopes. But guess what, the dreams weren’t fulfilled.

As of today, there’s no confirmation that the company has made or will ship the cell phones! All of it could be India’s biggest online Hoax till date, but Namotel? Totally not!

That’s the reason I’m showing you how to Namotel Mobile Online Booking @ 99 Registration Open thing! Ignore the sentence formation, by the end of this piece you’ll know where to book Namotel Mobiles online for 99RS!

How to Book Namotel Mobiles Online @Rs 99

The owner of the company, Madhav Rana publicly claimed that they would be starting online bookings on their site from May 17th, 2016!

He claimed that anyone could book the Namotel devices in India for Rs 99 as long as their Indian Citizen, and hold cards! The only problem?

First that, you must have an Adhar card to book the cell phones and second that when the visitors tried to book the cell phones from the official websites, the website wasn’t opening. Probably it was a code glitch or server issue, whatever it was the point being that the official website of  Namotel which was supposed to let people book the smartphone wasn’t working!

So how would you be booking the devices? Is it another hoax like the Freedom 251 devices? Let’s hope not!  So here is how to book Namotel mobile phones, the cheapest Indian mobiles phones for 99RS!

Head over to the official website, that’s the

Once on the site, just select the product and click on Book. Upon clicking on the book button, you’d be taken to the website. That’s the website that will process your payments, probably it’s in partnership with Namotel, but whatever they’ve between them, the point is you’ve got to register over with

Once you register, you’d be provided with a Username and Password! These Username and Password are what you have to use to book the Namotel Devices.

The twist: – Bemybanker isn’t free! Even though Namotel device is placed at 99INR, the registration at costs 199INR! That makes the Namotel device a 300INR device. Not to say that it’s not cheap, but it’s misleading.

Probably they’ve got an interior partnership of some sort that says that be my banker would be getting a certain number of signups from Namotel, and in return they’d pay them something! Yeah, that happens, after all, it’s the 21st century so not a lot of people walk their words.

Namotel Mobile Online Booking @ 99 Registration Open

But then again the second twist is that, when you open the website to register, the websites don’t open! So I’m not even sure if they want users to signup or not!

But that’s the whole process and story! You need to signup at; you’d be redirected to, you signup there, you’d be provided with an Email ID and password, you use this Email Id and password to login to Namotel website and buy the cell phones.

That’s what was “supposed” to be the process of booking Namotel devices in India at Rs 99! Although best of luck to you trying to get the website to open. But if Namotel Mobile Online Registration @99Rs is true, no doubt it’s the cheapest cell phone on the planet.

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